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5 Things You Need When Traveling With an Infant

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Last Updated on January 22, 2024 by Allison Lancaster

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Recently, mom and I took Rebecca on her first beach trip! It was such a fun weekend and we made some wonderful memories. The trip from our house to Jekyll Island was around 7 hours according to Google Maps. In reality, it took us about 10 hours each way. We had to stop multiple times so that I could feed Rebecca, and of course for the adults to eat and take bathroom breaks. It had been so long (ok, in reality about 2 years, but still!) since I had traveled with an infant that it was difficult to remember everything that I needed to make the trip as smooth as possible. Thankfully, I did remember these 5 essentials and they made our trip SO much easier!

5 Things You Need When Traveling With an Infant

Snacks, lots of them. For you, not them. We made certain to take a good amount of snacks with us so that we didn’t have to stop more than we did. I also made sure to drink a ton of water (which did result in more bathroom breaks), since I’m breastfeeding. It’s easy to lose track of your calorie and water intake when traveling and if you’re breastfeeding, that can make your milk supply plummet. Taking snacks and drinks with you is important and helps to save time and money!

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The Essentials. You’re probably rolling your eyes, “of course I know to take diapers and wipes”…but really, this is highly important. I also take extra wipes to use for things such as wiping down the steering wheel, cleaning up spills, etc. Baby wipes have many uses when traveling! Take way more diapers than you think you’ll need, too. The last thing you want is a blow out on the road (diaper, not tire!) and to realize you are out of diapers. Nightmare scenario when traveling with an infant! Also, bottles, pacis, blankets, etc. are highly important. I take several thin blankets to use for various needs such as laying Rebecca on to change her in the car, covering her up, laying her on hotel beds and more!

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A Family-friendly Vehicle. Toyota was kind enough to lend us a 2018 Sequoia for this trip! What an amazing vehicle! I am always in favor of larger vehicles when traveling with our kids. Not only do you need additional room for all of their ‘stuff’, but having the additional room for changing/feeding space is super helpful on the road. As I mentioned, we stopped multiple times to feed and change Rebecca. Thanks to the Sequoia, we didn’t have to run in various places trying to find a clean changing station…I was able to change her right in the Sequoia! I also loved the safety features that it offers: side-impact door beams, air bags all around, LATCH anchors for her car seat and more. It was nice to feel confident in the safety of the Sequoia that my new baby girl was riding in! In addition to being room and safe, it offers many more features that this momma loves: a huge cargo space, sunroof, GPS, and MUCH more! ir?t=lovinglivingl 20&l=am2&o=1&a=B01M8QG62K fullsizeoutput 28ce GLPzDt6aSb2SANGpaFEcfg ZCeXChSHRq2YNmuoo5Reg

Climate Control. Even if your vehicle has rear controls for temperature, it’s difficult for the A/C or heat to reach your child. A clip-on fan that  you can point toward your child to keep the air moving if it’s really hot outside, or several layers of blankets (remember: it’s not safe to put your child’s coat on and leave it on them in their car seat) will help to maintain your infant’s temperature and reduce the risk of them getting too chilly or overheating.

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Head Rest Mounted Mirror. This will save you SO much time and worry. I am one that constantly checks on our girl while she’s in her car seat. She barely passed her car seat test in the NICU and I have worried about her in her car seat since then. Having the ability to look up in my rear view mirror and see her helps reduce so much anxiety on my part. I can see if she is asleep or awake, about to fuss because she’s hungry, etc.

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What other items are on your must have list when traveling with an infant?ir?t=lovinglivingl 20&l=am2&o=1&a=B01M3PCW2C 

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