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10 Wonderful Uses for Apple Cider Vinegar

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Apple cider vinegar is without a doubt one of those kitchen staples that every household should have at least one bottle of. It goes well in not only salad dressings, soups, sauces, and delicious marinades, but it also has several other purposes around your home that you may not be aware of. 

apple cider vinegar

Did you know that it can be used to help prevent your pets from getting fleas? Or that it can be a natural weed killer? And that’s just a few situations that apple cider vinegar can help you with. These are 10 wonderful uses for apple cider vinegar that you should start using today.

1. Natural All-Purpose Cleaner 

Instead of filling your cleaning pantry with dozens of commercial household cleaners that are only capable of one or two cleaning tasks but will also cost you a bunch of money, you can make your own natural household cleaner. Mix ½ a cup of apple cider vinegar with one cup of water. To make it even more effective, you can also add baking soda to the mix along with a few drops of your favorite essential oils for fragrance.

2. Works as a Deodorizer

Some people have found that apple cider vinegar has antibacterial properties in it that can be used to help get rid of foul odors. While there’s not a lot of research to help back up this claim, you can certainly try it out to see for yourself. Simply add one part of apple cider vinegar with one part of water and mix them in a spray bottle. This natural deodorizer can be used inside of your trash can, the bathroom, or your cat’s litter box. 

3. Get Rid of Foot Odor

Speaking of bad smells. You can also use apple cider vinegar combined with Epsom salts while soaking your feet in it to help you get rid of foot odor

4. Hair Rinse

You’d be amazed if you actually knew how much product buildup was currently in your hair. Give your hair the shine that it deserves by creating your own apple cider vinegar rinse. It also works as a detangler. 

Just soak your hair with one part of apple cider vinegar along with one part of water and allow it to sit for a few minutes. Then rinse it out while in the shower. For those of you with sensitive skin, you may want to dilute the mixture even more due to its high acidic content.

using apple cider vinegar to preserve food

5. Natural Weed Killer

There are certain commercial weed killers out there that contain harmful chemicals in them that can actually do more harm than good. So keep your children, pets, and soil safe by using an undiluted apple cider vinegar spray on your lawn instead. If that still isn’t enough, try adding lemon juice and soap to the mix.

6. Trap Fruit Flies

Fruit flies hovering around your kitchen can be extremely irritating for the average person. You can solve this problem by creating your own fruit fly trap that’s too tempting for them to resist. Just pour a bit of apple cider vinegar into a cup along with a couple of drops of dish soap without mixing them. The soap will help make them sink to the bottom.

7. Keeps Fleas Away

Besides fruit flies, apple cider vinegar is said to work on keeping fleas away from your dog or cat. All you need is a spray bottle mixed with one part of apple cider vinegar and one part water. Probably every pet owner that reads this will be trying this flea prevention tip. 

8. Used to Wash your Fruits and Veggies

While you can certainly wash your fruits and vegetables with just water, some people prefer using apple cider vinegar to make sure that any harmful pesticides present are removed. Here’s how.

9. Makes for a Delicious Marinade

To give your steak that incredible flavor and tenderness that you’re hoping for, try using apple cider vinegar mixed with soy sauce, wine, cayenne pepper, garlic, and onion. This mouth-watering marinade can be used on some of your other favorite grilled meats too!

10. Preserving Food

For thousands of years, ancient civilizations have used vinegar to preserve certain foods. Apple cider vinegar can also be used for pickling foods, such as meats, fruits, and vegetables. Click here to find out how!

As you can see, apple cider vinegar is one of the most versatile products that every household needs. It’s not only cheap, but it’s just as effective as the commercial products that tackle most of these situations. Do you know of any other amazing uses for apple cider vinegar that you’d be willing to share?

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