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Why It’s So Important To Give Back During The Holiday Season

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Giving back during the holiday season is something that has been important to me for years. This year, more than ever, I think we need to give back to others as much as possible.

There’s no denying this year has been a WHIRLWIND. Some days it feels like our whole world has changed entirely. One thing we can count on looking the same is the holiday season! We will all still be eating turkey and stuffing on Thanksgiving, lighting eight candles or hanging twinkling lights around a tree (even if we’re Zooming our family while doing it).

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Every year when the holiday season rolls around, the topic of giving back is brought up. Now this year…giving back is more important than EVER. 

While many of us have been working from home or are trying to homeschool and work from home, kids around the world have been struggling to get basic needs. One INCREDIBLE way to help (socially distanced of course) is to sponsor a child!

You can give back and have a direct impact on a child in need without leaving your house (very appropriate for 2020). Gather your family together and fill out forms together and think up all the blessings you would like your sponsored child to have this year.

It’s a GREAT way to teach your children all about helping those less fortunate.

We chose to work with All Gods Children this year to sponsor two children from Ethiopia! We have been doing this for awhile, and I am excited to share about this organization with you. When our sponsorship packets arrived, Levi especially was so excited. Rebecca is still a bit too young to understand, but at 4, Levi is starting to grasp what it means to help others. We are trying to teach him that because we are so blessed, we need to help others when we can. Reading through the sponsorship packet with Levi and seeing how much he already cares for our sponsored children brought tears to this mama’s eyes!

In a year that has been difficult for so many, most of us are still blessed beyond measure. This is why our family is choosing to reach out and help others as much as we can during this holiday season. Would you join us?

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Just a simple $40 can pay for your sponsored child’s school fees, uniforms, school supplies, healthy meals, and start a savings fund for their futures. Plus, fun fact, 80% of sponsored kids complete a university education!

If you’re interested in joining us in this cause and having a direct impact on a young persons life, head over to All Gods Children website to get started!

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