Disney World Height Requirements

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Heading to Walt Disney World soon? Planning is easier with the info you need to map out the best plan for your travel party or family. One resource that will help you do that is this Disney World height requirements printable. Print it out and get your park day set up today!

disney world height requirements

Disney World Height Guide

Height requirements for Walt Disney World can be very confusing and frustrating if you do not know where to find them. No one wants to stand in front of a ride, hopeful and watch as they turn you away because your child just misses the mark.

Planning ahead with the height guidelines will save some disappointment on your trip to the Most Magical Place on Earth.

Disney World Ride Height Guide

This adorably themed Disney World Ride Height Requirements PDF has a height requirement guide for each of the four WDW parks.

This printable has the height requirements for each ride at Walt Disney World, as well as which rides do not have any height restrictions. It is a comprehensive list of those who are wondering what you can expect at WDW.

If you are wondering if your child will be able to ride each of the Disney World attraction or not this is a resource you need. The best part is that there are several rides, experiences, and entertainment that works for any age and height so your whole family can enjoy their time together.

Grab your free printable HERE!

How to Use the Height Requirements for Disney World Guide

This printable has so many ways to use it. Save yourself some time at WDW by printing the 5 page PDF out before your vacation. Then plan a time when you can talk up all the fun things your child will be able to do.

It worth mentioning that there are rides that are some attractions that are for the next trip so they will be aware and looking forward to the next Disney vacation instead of sad about what they can’t do on this trip.

Print out a copy of the Disney Worlds height requirements for each child and make a folder that they can decorate for on the trip. You can add coloring sheets, puzzles, and other ways to entertain your child while they’re waiting in lines or for shows.

Make sure you add this height guide as well so they can check the rides that they can do and which ones will have to wait. You can make a fun activity out of it by letting them circle the rides they can do and crossing out the ones that they can’t or don’t want to do.

When you visit a ride, there’s no confusion on which rides are okay for your kiddos.

Disney World height requirements are there to ensure that the rides and attractions will be safe for all guests. While it may seem like a hassle, these guidelines actually make sense as they can prevent accidents from happening on any of Disney’s family-friendly vacation spots.

By following these rules you’ll not only have an amazing time but you’ll also come back home with fond memories!

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