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Best Uses for Lysol

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Lysol is great for cleaning your home and now comes in a wide array of great scents that can leave your home smelling fresh. When it comes to keeping your home clean, Lysol is a great option for both everyday cleaning and killing germs around your house to help keep you healthy. Many people do not realize how handy the bottles of Lysol are for more than just washing your floors.

uses for lysol

Remove Odors from Your Bathroom

Because of how good Lysol is at killing germs, it is a great option for helping to remove odors from your bathroom. Put your Lysol cleaner into a spray bottle properly diluted and spray all over your bathroom including areas that tend to hold odors like around your toilet and the grout in your bathroom.

Let this sit for about 30 minutes before going in and wiping and mopping all of the surfaces in your bathroom from top to bottom to leave it smelling fresh.

Sanitize and Deodorize Fabrics

Lysol is safe to use on most fabrics. Properly dilute your Lysol cleaner and place it into a spray bottle. Spray your fabric surfaces that can not be washed easily like your sofa, curtains, and rugs. This will kill germs and deodorize your fabrics between full cleaning to help keep germs and odors under control.

Counters and Stovetops

Cleaning your kitchen well to remove grime and germs is important for keeping your home clean and preventing your family from getting sick. Lysol is a great option to use as a disinfectant for cleaning your kitchen including areas where foodborne germs may spread like your counters and stove top.

To use Lysol to kill germs, you need to leave it on the surfaces for a while. This is a bit harder for areas like your kitchen because you do not want it on your food prep areas when you go to cook. For the best results, allow it to sit for about 10 minutes before removing and raising any surfaces that will come in contact with food using plain water.

Cleaning Up After an Illness

If your family has been sick, Lysol is one of the best cleaning options you have. This is because Lysol will clean away the germs and help keep your family from passing around the illness. Lysol can kill most germs making it a reliable option. While you can find aerosol Lysol sprays, buying concentrated liquid and adding it to a spray bottle then using a clean microfiber rag to clean your surfaces is far more effective at killing and removing germs while saving you money.

Make Your Own Disinfectant Wipes

Not only are disinfectant wipes expensive and often hard to find, but they are far from good for the environment. The good news is that with the dilutable Lysol cleaner you can replace disinfectant wipes by placing rags or microfiber clothes into a container of properly diluted Lysol to use as disinfectant wipes. When you are done, toss them into the washer to start all over.

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