1. What a nice tribute to your dad. I would say that the biggest thing my dad taught me is to be optimistic. He has the most optimistic views on things. It’s a struggle for me sometimes, though!

  2. I really enjoyed reading this post and how you actually opened up about your personal life! I need to take a lead from you! You’ve got a great dad btw

  3. I would love to meet your father. He sounds a lot like mine. His integrity was beyond reproach and taught me to stay well within the line of right when it came to honesty and truth. He also taught me about giving until it hurts. He’s 81 and he’s one of my heros.
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  4. Taria Shondell

    That is a beautiful way to honor your father for Fathers Day! I am thankful that my dad gave me the gift of faith in the LORD. If you believe it and speak it, it WILL come to pass!

  5. Lovely tribute to your dad….. oh how I miss my own! Mine taught me all about doing the right thing, honesty, having a good work ethic and working hard and most of all loyalty and being true to family! I love your family pictures, too!
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