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Weekend Getaway With the 2017 Toyota Prius Prime Advanced

This is a sponsored post. As always, all opinions are my own.

A few of you have asked me about the cute car that we drove to Nashville a few weekends ago. It was not only a cute car, but it was perfect for a girls’ weekend getaway! You all know how much I love Toyota and their products, so when we were given the opportunity to take the new 2017 Prius Prime Advanced for a spin, I was so excited! I know that sometimes, people have a stigma attached to smaller cars. They have these ideas that they don’t come with a lot of features and they wouldn’t work for a family. I’ll admit, I have had those thoughts also. The Prius Prime Advanced proved me wrong! 

IMG 4108


First, how cool does it look? It has not only a sporty exterior, but a roomy and luxurious interior. I was in love with the interior color from the moment I opened the door. And the screen on the dash? It was like having an iPad in the car! For a girls’ weekend, you can only imagine how much stuff we packed- and the Prime had enough room for all of it! We also went on a shopping trip to Opry Mills while we were in Nashville and I never once worried if we would have enough room to carry all of our purchases home.

IMG 4591

Having driven a lot of cars over the years, and especially living the the mountains, I always pay close attention to how much power a vehicle has. There is a delicate balance between being eco-friendly and having enough power to handle the mountains that we live in. The Prius Prime Advanced did not disappoint! We sat in traffic for several hours on our trip to Nashville and never once did the Prius get under 52 MPG. To be such an eco-friendly car, I was so impressed with the power that it had. I felt safe driving it not only in the city, but also on the highways. Let’s face it: sometimes in cars with “less” power, you feel like you are going to get “run over” getting on the highway. Not with the Prius!

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The features that this car had impressed me so much! From the GPS to the lane departure warning system – the Prius anticipates every driver’s needs. I am highly impressed with the 2017 Prius Prime Advanced! It’s the perfect car not only for a girls’ weekend, but for the entire family! If you are in the market for a new vehicle that is safe, eco-friendly, roomy and will last you for years to come- head over to your local Toyota dealership and ask for the Prius Prime Advanced!

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IMG 4589

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A special thanks to DriveShop for facilitating the delivery and pick up of this vehicle. As always, it’s a pleasure to work with you!

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