When Should You Visit Disney World?

Before you book your next Walt Disney World trip, you’ll want to figure out when the best time of year to visit Disney World is.

Most families head to Disney World during the warm summer months when the kids are on vacation. But, is that really the best time to go? 

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Avoid the Peak Season

Most families don’t want to vacation in the Disney Parks when it’s miserably crowded or hot. 

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When is Peak Season at Disney World?

Visit Disney World during November and early December. In most cases, children get time off from school for the holiday season. 

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Pro Tip: By checking crowd calendars and event calendars, you can typically see when there are large events happening at Disney World.  

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The Holidays at  Disney World

I would avoid the weekends before and after those holidays as well as the actual holidays themselves to make the most out of your park time. 

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Have the Best Time in Disney World by Visiting at the Right Time of Year.