What We Know So Far About Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind – Opening Summer 2022

It was previously announced (FOUR YEARS AGO!) that there will be a new Guardians of the Galaxy themed attraction coming to Disney World Parks in the summer of 2022.

Because of the extensive title of this attraction, throughout the remainder of this article we will refer to it simply as “Cosmic Rewind”. 

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Cosmic Rewind is going to be an addition to Disney World’s Epcot. It is confirmed to be located at World Discovery, formally known as Future World East.

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Expected Opening  Date

Currently all that we know is that it is expected for opening in the summer of 2022, and as of right now, is currently still under construction. 

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Ride Queue and Waiting Area

As you make your way through the queue, you will enter into a room where you will view the pre-show before boarding the attraction.

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What to Expect When Riding

Disney has introduced Cosmic Rewind as an “OmniCoaster,” meaning that the ride vehicle can rotate in a 360-degree circle and face any direction.

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Confirmed Facts  About Cosmic Rewind

– There will be rotating ride vehicles and no upside-down or inversion features. – This is a fully enclosed/indoor rollercoaster. – Marketed as a “Family-friendly storytelling rollercoaster.”