Valentine’s Day Ideas For The Entire Family

Valentine’s Day is next week!

With February comes the month of love!

While I am a firm believer that mom and dad still need to do special things for each other throughout the entire year (not just on Valentine’s Day), I also love spending time together as a family and celebrating Valentine’s Day all together. 

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Each year looks a little different for us on Valentine’s Day, so today I’m sharing some of my favorite ideas for celebrating Valentine’s Day together as a family.

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This is easier if Valentine’s Day falls on the weekend, but planning a fun breakfast filled with heart shaped treats is a special and sweet way to celebrate Valentine’s Day without going to a ton of expense.

Plan a Fun Breakfast

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Unplugging gives you the opportunity to spent time together as a family, chat about what your day was like, discuss future plans and just enjoy each other’s company.



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