The Top 11 Coffee Shops in St. Augustine, Florida 

Are you planning a trip to St. Augustine, Florida, and need to know where a great place is to get coffee? 

Check out the best coffee shops in St. Augustine and enjoy the scenery that Saint Augustine has to offer! 

​Maple Street Biscuit Company

 Located in the historic district on Cordova Street this is a great spot to enjoy local coffee and food items.

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Sweetwater Coffee Bar

With amazing coffee, food, and even a local art gallery! Sweetwater serves breakfast all day and an array of different sandwiches and salads too! 

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Dos Coffee

Located in an old auto repair shop Dos Coffee and Wine has become a hotspot for locals and travelers alike. 

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The Kookaburra Coffee

Kookaburra open its first location in St. Augustine in 2012 and has grown by leaps and bounds since then! 

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