The Best Easter Basket Ideas for Babies 

Easter is one of the best holidays when you have little ones! Having Easter egg hunts, dressing up cute, and just enjoying time together as a family. 

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You can put together some filled Easter eggs for a simple Easter basket or you can go extravagant.

Best Easter Basket Ideas for Babies

Bath Toys - Bath toys make a perfect basket-filler for any one-year-old, inspiring endless fun and creativity as they explore in the tub. 

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Rubber Ducky Who doesn’t love a good rubber duck? For Easter, why not stuff a baby’s basket full of the cutest little yellow ducks around? 

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Stuffed Bunny A stuffed animal for Easter is the perfect way to celebrate with a one-year-old! It’s soft, cuddly, and sure to bring out joyful squeals. 

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Baby Easter Basket Ideas

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A few more gift or Easter basket stuffers for one year olds that you’re 12 month old will love include: – An Easter book – Bunny ears – Wooden eggs – Bunny pajamas