The Best Bath Bombs for Kids

Bath bombs are a way to make bath time even more fun for kids! 

Some bath bombs have surprises inside, others turn the water different colors. 

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1. Rainbow Bubble Bath Bombs Each bath bomb is individually wrapped to preserve freshness and quality for the best possible experience.

The Best Bath Bombs For Kids:

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Drop the egg-shaped bath bombs into the tub and watch it burst with color while releasing a unique dinosaur model into the water.

2. Dinosaur Bath Bombs

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These are vegan and organic and so very cute!! Be sure to save one for yourself also!

3. Cupcake Bath Bombs

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4. Bath Fizzies With Surprise Inside Egg Shaped Bath Bombs with Cute Surprise Toys Inside. Each bath bomb features rainbow colors with fragrant scents and contains different animal toys inside.

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5. Galaxy Bath Bombs A delightful tub-time bath bomb to make your budding beautista’s bath and pampering time way better.