The Best Bath Bombs for Kids.

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Bath bombs are a way to make bath time even more fun for kids! Some bath bombs have surprises inside, others turn the water different colors.

Rainbow Bubble Bath Bombs

These are 100% natural and organic and will not stain your skin or your bath tub. 


Dinosaur Bath Bombs

Drop the egg-shaped bath bombs into the tub and watch it burst with color while releasing a unique dinosaur model into the water.


These are vegan and organic and so very cute!! Be sure to save one for yourself also!


Cupcake Bath Bombs

 A delightful tub-time bath bomb to make your budding beautista’s bath and pampering time way better.


Galaxy Bath Bombs

Egg Shaped Bath Bombs with Cute Surprise Toys Inside 


Bath Fizzies With Surprise Inside

Terrain Map

 Thankfully, there are a lot of options out there for bath bombs and many of them are kid-friendly!

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