Sweet as Candy Ghost Cupcakes

Perfect for those fall holiday parties you are going to, these ghost cupcakes aren’t scary, they are sweet as candy!

These ghost cupcakes are a hit every time. Not at all scary, and sweet as candy. The cute little decorations are a hit with the kids and adults alike.


– Vanilla cupcake mix or 1 batch homemade – Can vanilla frosting or 1 batch homemade – Wilton gel food coloring red, yellow, and blue –Wilton Candy Corn Ghost

Equipment you’ll need

– Your favorite vanilla cake mix or homemade recipe  – Your favorite vanilla icing or buttercream recipe  – Wilton Gel Food colors – these allow for very vibrant coloring  – Wilton Candy Corn Ghosts 

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Using a large bowl mix up your favorite cake mix according to directions.

Step 1

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While your cupcakes are cooling mix vanilla icing with the blue gel color to reach desired shade of blue.

Step 2

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Use an angled spatula, ice cupcakes.

Step 3

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Place Ghost and Candy Corn decoration on top of cupcake.

Step 4


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