Sweet as   Candy Ghost      Cupcake 

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These ghost cupcakes aren’t scary, they are sweet as candy! 

 - I make 24 cupcakes with a single box cupcake mix. 

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How many cupcakes does this recipe make?

Items Needed:

– Your favorite vanilla cake mix or homemade recipe  – Your favorite vanilla icing or buttercream recipe  – Wilton Gel Food colors – these allow for very vibrant coloring  – Wilton Candy Corn Ghosts 

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1. Using a large bowl mix up your favorite cake mix according to directions.  When fully mixed use the red and yellow gel coloring to reach a desired shade of vibrant orange.  Fill cupcake liners with vibrant orange batter and bake.

 2. While your cupcakes are cooling mix vanilla icing with the blue gel color to reach desired shade of blue.

3. Use an angled spatula, ice cupcakes.

4. Place Ghost and Candy Corn decoration on top of cupcake.


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