Slow Cooker Engagement

Chicken Recipe with Gravy

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This slow cooker engagement chicken recipe is a must try! As an easy, delicious and potentially romantic dinner option, this dish is packed with so much flavour and is worth making even if a romantic evening isn’t what’s in the cards for you. 

Why is it called an engagement chicken?  

This chicken recipe was originally created by a woman who made it to serve to her boyfriend. Apparently, it was so delicious that her boyfriend ended up proposing to her!

- sweet onions, sliced - 1 whole chicken - garlic bulb, cut in half - lemons - salt - pepper - oregano - thyme


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Step 1

Rinse the chicken, discarding any extra pieces from the inside of the chicken. 

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Step 2

Create an even layer of the sliced onions on the bottom of the slow cooker 

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Step 3

Place a garlic half on each side of the chicken.

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Step 4

Pour the olive oil over the chicken and rub to completely coat. 

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