Setting Up a Coffee Bar at Home

If you’re looking to save money on your daily coffee habit, setting up a coffee bar at home is the way  to go. 

With just a few basic supplies, you can create  a space where you can make your favorite drink without having to leave home. 

A popular choice is to use an unused corner of the kitchen. Choosing a location first will help you do a better job of putting your coffee bar together.

Choose a Location for Your Coffee Bar


You'll need a coffee maker, beans, sugar, creamer, mugs, and stirrers. For a fancy touch, add a grinder, flavored syrups, and gourmet toppings.

Gather Your Coffee Supplies


Set up the coffee maker on the counter and plug it in. Arrange coffee beans, sugar, creamer, and stirrers next to it. If using  a grinder, place it on the counter too.

Arrange Your Coffee Bar


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