Money Saving Tips at Disney World

Although Walt Disney World has built a reputation for being way overpriced, there are plenty of ways you can save money at Disney. Paying less for a Disney parks vacation helps you feel good about the trip and its value.

Book the Cheapest Flight

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It all starts with the flight. Depending on certain factors your travel to and from Disney World is either the highest or second highest expense.

Maximize Your Daylight Hours

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Often, the costliest part of your Disney trip will be the lodging. Disney World is a multi day visit and although the ticket prices lower with each additional day, the room rates don’t.

Stay in a Good Neighbor Hotel

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Another really smart and effective way to save money at Disney World is to book a Good Neighbor Hotel rather than a Disney-branded one. These value resort hotels will range in quality from Best Western to Four Seasons.

Nix the Park Hopper Option

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It’s a bad value, that can cost a lot of money. Unless you have a very short stay and must visit all four theme parks, You should stick to only one theme park per day and save your money while maximizing your time in each park.

Use Counter Service and Supplement

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Disney dining covers a broad spectrum of experiences and budget ranges, but there are some surprises here and there. One example is the Hollywood Brown Derby. This Signature restaurant costs about the same as one of the themed family restaurants despite being far superior in every sense.

Shop Off Site

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You can save money on Disney merchandise by going off-site. There is a discount Disney store called Character Warehouse that you can go to.