Jello Cups “Deep Sea Fishing”

Allison Lancaster

Let’s go fishing! It’s fun and easy with these deep sea fishing jello cups!

Supplies You'll Need:

– Clear Plastic Punch Cup – 1 Family Size Box of Blue Jello – Pretzel Stick – Swedish Fish – Cherry Pull-n-Peel Twizzler – Whip Creamt


1. Prepare jello in a large sauce pan as advised on box.

2. Let cool briefly and place into plastic punch cups. Fill each cup almost to the top, as shown.

3. Place cups in the refrigerator and let jello set for several hours until firm.

4. Pull one “string” off your Twizzler and cut in half.

5. Wrap the other end of the Twizzler around the end of a pretzel, as shown.Push the end of the pretzel through the jello at the side of the cup, as shown.

6. On the opposite side of your jello cup, create waves with your whip cream, and place one Swedish Fish in the middle.

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