How to Talk To Your Preschooler About A Crisis

With the recent news, it’s almost impossible to avoid all of the negativity going on in the world. 

I’ve had a few moms reach out to me recently asking how I’m talking to our preschooler about the crisis happening in the world and below I’ll outline how we’re handling it.

Of course, these tips won’t be right for everyone. I encourage you to be thoughtful about how you handle these situations with your children. You know your child best! 

Be Honest, Yet Positive

We have always taken this approach with our kids. If Levi asks a question, we give him an answer. 

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Remain Calm 

It can be easy to let the stock market or lack of toilet paper at the store stress you out, but you have to remain calm if you expect your kids to remain calm. 

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Remind Them Who’s In Charge 

Remind your children that you’re handling things, they’re safe and they shouldn’t worry. 

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Divert Their Attention 

I don’t know about your preschooler, but ours has this innate ability to not let things go. 

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