How to Set Up a Kindergarten Schedule for Homeschooling

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Making a schedule is so beneficial because it gives structure, consistency, and routine to your day.

Look at Your Typical Daily Routines

The first place to start is to take a look at your typical daily routines so that it feels natural for your child.


Choose Your Subject Areas

If your state mandates a specific curriculum, then try to stick with that since it’s most likely created by experts. 


Homeschooling allows for the use of real world learning experiences, so incorporate these into your schedule.


Use Daily Activities as Learning Experiences

 Provide lots of opportunities for movement and play outdoors. 


Provide Opportunities for Movement

Yes, it’s important to have a kindergarten schedule for homeschooling in place, but you also must read your child’s needs.


Be Realistic

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The most important thing is that your child is engaged in learning and happy! 

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