How to Save Money at Disney World

Although Walt Disney World has built a reputation for being way overpriced, there are plenty of ways you can save money at Disney. 

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Here are our top tips on how you can get more value from your  Walt Disney World experience. 

Book the Cheapest Flight

The best way to save on flights is to book about six weeks in advance. You can also select the best times for travel dates on weekdays as posed to weekends. 

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Maximize Your Daylight Hours

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That means planning an Early morning arrival and a later departure so you can utilize those travel days and reduce the hotel fee by hundreds. 

Stay in a Good Neighbor Hotel

Think moderate resort quality at a rate well below the value resorts, or deluxe at moderate prices to save you the most money. 

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Nix the Park Hopper Option

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Usually, this is totally unnecessary. It costs you more for the option to divide time between two parks, minus the travel time between them. 

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Making family memories at the most magical place on earth is worth the expense, but you can take advantage of lower prices on things and still have a great time!