How to Fix Crumbly Sugar Cookie Dough

Were you excited to get in the kitchen to whip up a batch of homemade cookies only to find that your cookie dough has turned out dry and crumbly?

Maybe it’s a new recipe you haven’t tried before, or maybe you accidentally added too much of your dry ingredients.

In any case, never fear cookie recipes, we’re going to tell you several easy ways how to fix crumbly sugar cookie dough!


The easiest and best way to fix your sugar cookie is to add enough liquid ingredients to fix the issue. But what type of extra ingredients can you use? 


Try adding a little bit of warm water to your dried out cookie dough. The water won’t change the flavor of your original recipe, but the extra liquid may help your dough stick together. 


Adding butter to the cookie dough will give them a richer flavor, however, you don’t want to add too much fat or your cookies may turn out flat and greasy.


Most cookie dough recipes call for some oil in the recipe so adding a little more shouldn’t change the texture or the flavor of your cookies.  


The fat in the milk should combine well with your dry ingredients. However, milk is not a commonly used ingredient in cookies so add it sparingly. 

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