How to do Magic Kingdom in Half a Day with Kids

It’s really hard to do everything in Disney, it is possible to see and do everything that you want to do in a short amount of time – it just requires a little bit of extra planning. I’m sharing with you some of my best tips!

Get there Super Early

Arriving at Magic Kingdom super early, about 45 minutes to an hour before the published opening time. This will give you plenty of time to park and get from the Transportation and Ticket Center to Magic Kingdom.

Pay for VIP Parking

Paying for VIP parking will help you get even more of a head start. It certainly can be a premium charge (about $45 to $50 per day), but at a park like Magic Kingdom, it will help you save major time.

Pack Snacks and Drinks

Not only does this save you a ton of money, but it also saves time from having to locate, pay for, and pick up food. Bring along easy stuff that your kids can eat on the go!

Make a “Must Do” Ride List

Make a list of five rides that you MUST do, and make sure to get on those rides! Make those particular rides a priority and do them first thing in the morning. This way the lines will be shorter and you’ll be less stressed knowing you accomplished what you really wanted to.

Rent a Stroller

Renting a stroller costs about $15-$30 a day depending on if you need a single or double stroller. No more chasing the kids! You’ll be able to strap your kids in and zoom around the park way faster.

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