How to do Magic Kingdom in Half  a Day with Kid

It’s really hard to do everything in Disney, and sometimes that tight schedule means you only have half a day in a park.

It is possible to see and do everything that you want to do in a short amount of time – it just requires a little bit of extra planning.

I recommend arriving at  Magic Kingdom super early, about 45 minutes to an hour before the published opening time.

Get there Super Early

If you’re staying off-site,  I recommend paying for VIP parking, which will help you get even more of a head start.

Pay for VIP Parking

If you want to save a little extra time throughout the day, pack all of your snacks and drinks.

Pack Snacks and Drink

Make a list of five rides that you MUST do, and make sure to get on those rides!

Make a “Must Do” Ride List

I recommend renting a stroller, which costs about $15-$30 a day, depending on if you need a single or double stroller.

Rent a Stroller

You can have an enjoyable day and do it all at Magic Kingdom in half a day with kids!