How to Celebrate Christmas at Disney World

This year marks Disney’s 50th anniversary, which could only possibly mean one thing. 

This Christmas season at Disney will be even more spectacular than the last! There’s also never a better time for your kids to meet Mickey Mouse and some of their most-beloved Disney characters than during the holidays.

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The fun and festivities of the Christmas season will begin on November 12th, 2021 at each of Disney’s theme parks.

When does Christmas Start at Disney World?

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While most stores and businesses have their doors closed on Christmas Day, Disney keeps their’s open! And we’d be willing to bet that there’s probably no better place on earth (besides grandma’s) where your family would rather celebrate.

Does Disney World Close on Christmas?

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The holiday event provides ticket holders with access to Disney’s Magic Kingdom as early as 7 p.m, up until 1 a.m, while featuring fireworks, Disney character sightings, a themed parade, and so much more!

1. Disney Very Merriest After Hours

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Accompanied by a 50-piece orchestra, a celebrity narrator tells the Christmas story in an inspiring and beautiful way. No special tickets are required!   

2. Candlelight Professional 2021

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Even if you’ve already ridden this boat ride several times in the past, you’ll notice a significant and exciting difference that makes it worth doing again!  

3. The Jingle Cruise