How Expensive is a Disney World Vacation in 2023?

Walt Disney World in 2023 may not be what we dreamed it would be five years ago. But there have been a lot of changes, enhancements, upgrades, and pluses to the Disney World vacation experience. 

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If you’ve been chomping at the bit to get back to Disney World, 2023 is going to be a great time to do it. But how much is the cost of a Disney World vacation? 

Breaking Down the Cost of a Disney World Vacation

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As you break down expenses, you will want to create categories for travel, food, lodging, and theme park experiences. 

Cost of Travel to Disney World

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The cost of travel largely depends on how you get your family of four to Orlando, but once you get there, there is more travel to budget for. 

Cost of Food at Disney World

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The best option to save money by bringing snacks from home or grocery store, and eating meals at counter service locations, or at table service restaurants.

Cost of Lodging at Walt Disney World

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Lodging comes with many options. The value tier comes with a room rate starting at just under $200 to over $400.

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What does it cost to visit Disney World Parks?

Theme park tickets for the most magical place on earth can vary by date, type, and length of stay.