Hot Fudge Sundae Cupcakes

These amazing cupcakes are perfect any time of year. After all, who couldn't use some hot fudge?

These hot fudge sundae cupcakes are delicious and colorful. They are perfect for a birthday party, cookout or just a fun after dinner dessert!


– One dozen of your favorite chocolate cupcakes cooled down for decorating – 4-5 tbsp chocolate syrup – 2 sticks butter softened

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 Using a paring knife, cut the top middle section of your cupcakes and fill each one with chocolate syrup. Cover the holes with the cupcake pieces you cut out.

Step 1


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In a stand mixer, slowly start beating butter, sugar, milk and vanilla to make your buttercream.

Step 2

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Using a piping bag, generously frost your cupcakes with the buttercream.

Step 3

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Microwave your chocolate candy melts in 30-second intervals until completely melted.

Step 4 


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