Caramel  Apple Tortilla  Recipe

If you’re interested in creating a fresh apple tortilla dessert, then this caramel apple tortilla recipe is a great option to try out! Keep on reading to see how to make it at home!

There are many apple and caramel dessert recipes out there to try, but this one couldn’t be any more fun and tasty to create. This is definitely a recipe for kids and adults to enjoy!

Great News!! You can use any style tortilla that fits within your dietary needs! It 100% doesn't have to be just flour!  

Don't forget... If you have some of your flour tortillas left over after creating this caramel apple tortilla wrap, then you can save the rest of them in the freezer until you want to make more!

It’s super simple with this recipe because to save time we’re not going to make the caramel from scratch, we’re actually using a store bought caramel sauce!

 Place the brown sugar, sugar, butter and vanilla in a heavy bottom sauce pan. Cook until bubbling! Next toss your slices in the mix!

After you load up your tortilla, you want to start folding the sections over towards the right! P.S. You can use a panini maker or griddle to flatten it or get it toasted to golden perfection!

Cut in half and serve with the left over caramelized apples on top! Now all that's left is to ENJOY your dessert!