How to Grill Any Meat Flawlessly

We love grilling out when it’s warmer, but unfortunately there’s a small window where we live for when we can grill out each year.

Sometimes the meat would be perfect, other times I would burn it so bad we couldn’t even eat it. Today, I’m excited to share a few of my tips to grill any meat flawlessly.

Marinate Overnight (if possible).

Marinating meat is key to letting all of the flavors well.. marinate in the meat. If you can’t let your meat marinate overnight, put it in the marinade as soon as possible and stick it in your refrigerator.

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Don’t take your meat straight from the refrigerator and throw it on the grill. Allow it to sit out and ‘warm up’ for at least 30 minutes.

Bring Your Meat to Room Temperature.

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I like to take a paper towel and use my tongs to pat the meat with the towel. This dries any excess juice and water off of the meat but doesn’t take the marinade off.

Dry The Meat Off

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This not only keeps it tender but it also prevents you from getting the outside burnt and the inside not cooked all the way through.

Low and slow


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