Disney World Parks Photo Scavenger Hunt For Adults & Kids!

Get excited because this Disney World scavenger hunt is going to be epic! 

If you’ve never been on a scavenger hunt, it’s actually a lot of fun. A scavenger hunt is when you go on an adventure to find a certain number of items.

As you walk around Disney World, you are going to look for items like the Millenium Falcon and the Tower of Terror. To show proof that you saw those “things” – you are going to take a picture.  

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What You Need to Complete the Disney Trip Scavenger Hunt?

You are going to need a day at the most magical place in the world and you’re going to need this free printable.

How to Complete the WDW Parks Scavenger hunt?

1. Decide which parks you’ll be going to.  2. Print out the printable for the park you’ll be going to.

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Other Ways to Use the Disney World Scavenger Hunt – Complete the scavenger hunt online. You’ll need to find pictures of ALL the attractions online.  – Go through your own pictures and see how many pictures you can find of your time at Disney.