Food Items to Stock Up on Now for Thanksgiving

Having budget concerns this year? Here’s 10 non perishable food items to stock up on NOW for your Thanksgiving dinner and save time and money.

Let’s get into some non perishable food items for Thanksgiving you can purchase at your local grocery stores now for the upcoming holidays.


Instant Mashed Potatoes  - Great to have on hand for other times of year as well, having these can make your side dishes shine. 


Green Beans - Grab a few extra cans when they go on sale, along with some cream of mushroom soup, and fried onions to make sure you are ready to make several of these casseroles. 


 Cranberry Sauce  - Unless you are the one who likes to make your cranberry sauce from scratch, grab a few of these cans NOW to be sure to have it on Thanksgiving day. 


Pie Crust - While this may not be completely non-perishable, they can last a long time if you store them in the freezer. 


 Canned Sweet Potatoes  - Sweet potato casserole is a must at our Thanksgiving table. Grab 1 can per person when you see them on sale. 

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