Easy One-Pot Lemon Pasta Recipe

Looking for a simple one-pot lemon pasta recipe? This lemon pasta recipe is perfect for weeknights when you don’t have the energy or motivation to cook a fancy dinner. 


- 1 lb pasta - 1 lemon - 2 cups coconut milk - 1 vegetable bouillon cube - 1 tsp turmeric

Step 1

Select the pot where you will cook the one pot lemon pasta. I would use a big-size pan of about 12 inches in diameter, but you can choose a big pot if you prefer.

Step 2

Take the lemon to get the lemon juice and 1 tbsp lemon zest. I would zest it first and then squeeze it to get the lemon juice, but you can do it the other way if it works better for you.

Step 3

Pour the cooking cream, lemon juice, turmeric, bouillon cube, and half of the lemon zest into the pan and bring to boil.

Step 4

Put the pasta into the pan and wait for the time indicated in the pasta package. If the mix evaporates completely, you can add some water to finish cooking the pasta if necessary.

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