Easy Christmas Charcuterie Board 

Host a gathering with family and friends and prepare this Christmas Charcuterie Board for them. Not only does it look adorable, but it contains a lot of great appetizers!

One of my favorite holiday events is our Ugly Christmas Sweater party. This Christmas Wreath Charcuterie is the perfect appetizer for a holiday party!


– spinach – cherry tomatoes – feta cheese square piece – pickled vegetable skewer – macadamia nut – salami slice – rosemary

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Start building the base of your Christmas wreath charcuterie board. Therefore, you will use the rosemary to form a circle along the perimeter of your dish.

Step 1

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Take five cherry tomatoes and empty them. Then, fix feta cheese square pieces inside the cherry tomatoes.

Step 2

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Add the cherry tomatoes, the filled cherry tomatoes, and square pieces of the same size feta cheese homogeneously distributed over the rosemary circle.

Step 3


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