This DIY Heart Sun Catcher Craft for kids is fun for the entire family to make!

You probably have most of the supplies at home!  

– Paper plate  – Tissue paper in red, pink, and purple – cutter – Pencil, for tracing – Scissors – Clear contact paper – Hole punch – Red ribbon  


To make your sun catcher, you simply follow the steps ...  

1. Using a stencil or cookie cutter, trace a heart-shape in the middle of the plate. Cut to remove the heart.  

2. Cut contact paper to fit over one side of the open heart.  

3. Drop tissue paper squares on the sticky side of the contact paper  

4. Cut an additional piece of contact paper to cover the stick side of the heart, securing the tissue paper.  

5. Punch holes around the edge of the plate.  

6. Use ribbon to weave a decorative edge around the plate. Tie off the ends in a bow or by tucking to the back of the plate.  

I’d love to see pictures of the sun catchers that you and your little ones make!!