Distilled Water Can Be Used In 10 Different Ways

I’m about to share can have a huge positive overall effect on your family’s health. These are 10 ways that you should be using distilled  water.

The distillation process is a much more reliable and effective filtration method.

Drinking Water

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Discover what you’ve been missing out on all this time by brewing your favorite hot and cold beverages using only distilled water.

For Your Coffee, Tea, Lemonade, and Juices

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For those of you with humidifiers in your home, it’s time that you stop using tap water. I say this for a couple of reasons.

In Your Humidifiers 

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 -Bacterial growth inside of your humidifier, though it’s originally meant to keep your family healthy. - Spreading unnecessary white dust particles throughout your home.

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To Top Off Automobile Fluid

It’s certainly better to go with a coolant for your radiator, but if you have to go with water, make sure that you are using distilled water. 

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Distilled ice cubes will be more transparent and not have a negative effect on your beverage’s flavor. 

Distilled Ice