Disney World Scavenger Hunt Trip Announcement

If you’re planning a trip to one of the most amazing places, Disney World, be sure to check out these Disney World Scavenger Hunt ideas.

It’s a fun way to let the family know that you’re going to visit such an incredible spot and have the time of your lives.

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Disney Trip Reveal Ideas

Before going on your trip, you want to figure out the best way to reveal the trip to your loved ones.

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These are a few good ways to consider revealing the special, exciting news: 

- Custom Disney Shirts- Don’t forget to have a Disney character theme going for the shirts!

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Disney Wristbands –  You could also have the wristbands for Disney in the final clue during the scavenger hunt to let the children know that this is where you’ll all be headed.

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Disney World Scavenger Hunt Clues

One way to do that is to purchase small Disney-themed items and vacation-themed goodies to serve as each clue throughout the hunt.

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How to Set Up Clues?

Use the space you have available and get creative by finding different ways to hide these items until your children are ready to go on the scavenger hunt to find them.