Disney World Scavenger Hunt Announcement

If you’re planning a trip to one of the most amazing places, Disney World, be sure to check out these Disney World Scavenger Hunt ideas.

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Disney Trip Reveal Ideas  There are several fun and exciting ways to reveal a trip to Disney that will get your children smiling from ear to ear and jumping up and down with excitement.

These are a few good ways to consider revealing the special, exciting news:  - Custom Disney Shirts   - Disney Wristbands 

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Disney World Scavenger Hunt Clue

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After deciding on the final reveal, you need to come up with ways to create the perfect scavenger hunt. 

How to Set Up Clues

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Setting up the clues is the most exciting part. You can put these items in different places throughout the home and in the backyard. 

Treat Ideas for Each Clue

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– Sunglasse – Sunscreen – Disney-Themed Water Bottle – Disney Outfit

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The Final Clue  The final clue should be the revealed item. It could be a ticket to Disney World, a t-shirt that says you’re going there.