Disney World Parks Photo Scavenger Hunt For Adults & Kids!

Going to Walt Disney World and doing a scavenger hunt is like a dream come true. 

You get to be in the most magical place in the world, but you also get to have a scavenger hunt. 

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Get excited because this Disney World scavenger hunt is going to be epic! 

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What is a WDW Parks Scavenger Hunt?

A scavenger hunt is when you go on an adventure to find a certain number of items. In this case, it is Walt Disney World focused.

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What You Need to Complete the Disney Trip Scavenger Hunt?

You are going to need a day at the most magical place in the world and you’re going to need this free printable.

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Print it off beforehand, so that you have it the day that you’re at Walt Disney World. You can also download it to your phone, so you don’t have to carry around pieces of paper throughout the day!

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Is the Disney World scavenger hunt for adults?

Get excited because this scavenger hunt can totally be for adults. There is no age limit on whether or not you can do this WDW Parks Scavenger Hunt!