Disney Toy Story Chore Cards

Getting kids motivated to help around the house can be a challenge, but what if you had your child’s favorite toys from Disney’s Toy Story on your side? 

These Disney Chore Cards are a great way to get kids involved at home and teach them the value of work.

There are many kinds of charts and systems available, but one of the most common options is to print out chore cards that your child can choose from.  

Disney Motivation for Kids

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Chore Cards for Kids Chore cards can be a fun way to involve your child in daily activities and chores around the home while making it feel like playtime.

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Ways to Use the Toy Story Chore Cards

Family Game Night: Once a week, have a family game night where the winner gets to place a chore card on another family member’s board.

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Offer Extra Screen Time: Encourage kids to complete their chores in exchange for extra screen time or video games.