Dinner and a Movie with Beauty and the Beast 

Pull up a chair and be our guest to a night filled with a special menu and a classic Disney movie!

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A few options for your Beauty and the Beast dinner include the following:  Appetizer: French Onion Soup

How to Have a Movie Night?

Main Dish: Cheese Soufflé  Dessert: Grey Stuff Oreo Mousse Drink: Rose Cocktail or Mocktail

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It’s the perfect girls’ night in idea, great for a teen’s birthday party with a few close friends, or a date night that would impress Lumiere!

When Should You Have this Dinner & Movie?

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Sometimes you just want to stay in for girl’s night and this activity is perfect for that!

Girl’s Night

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Family Night

When you run out of family night ideas, this dinner and a movie idea are brilliant.

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Birthday Party

This will be a birthday party that your kid(s) will never forget! This might be such a good birthday idea that your kid asks for it every year!