Dining at Disney World with Food Allergies 

Going to Walt Disney World with a picky eater comes with some additional challenges.  Here are some of the best ways to take your vacation to Disney World with a picky eater.

Plan Meals that Present More Food Options

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Walt Disney World is reopening a lot of its buffets and these restaurants have always been a great option for doing Walt Disney World with a picky eater. Just think of all of the food options available and how customization every plate is.

Plan Low Stakes Quick Service Meals

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Quick-service meals are the other great way to go for a couple of reasons. Quick-service restaurants tend to have better menu items for pickier eaters anyway. 

Bring Pre-Approved Snack

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This is something you should always do regardless of picky or non-picky eaters. This may seem like a backup plan or safety net, but it’s good practice to always make sure you have some food for a variety of reasons.

Preview Menus While You Plan Your Trip

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No matter where you decide to eat or what your plan is, It’s always a smart idea to preview all the menus. This not only helps you decide where to go on each day of your vacation, but it also helps when you determine what meals each person is likely to get.