Christmas Gift Ideas for Bus Drivers

Here are some Christmas gift ideas for bus drivers that are the perfect way to say thank you for everything you do for our kiddos.

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Personalized Mug, Tumbler, or Water Bottle

A personalized mug, tumbler, or water bottle makes a great gift for your favorite bus driver!. Give your bus driver a gift that they can get some use out of, even while they are running their route.

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Gift Cards

If you don’t know exactly what your bus driver’s interests are, gift cards can make an excellent holiday gift.

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Personalized Candy Bars

Don’t give your bus driver an ordinary chocolate bar for a gift, instead go the extra mile, and print out a personalized wrapper to put around it.

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Homemade Cookies

 Make a batch or two of your favorite cookies and share some with your bus driver on a nice platter, or in a gift bag.

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Yellow School Bus Gifts

If you look around on Amazon or Etsy you can find yellow school bus-themed gifts. From yellow school bus mugs to t-shirts, socks, ties, and signs.

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Homemade Crafts

If you are into crafts and making things then a homemade craft would be a great way to let your child’s bus driver know they are special.

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