Christmas Gift Ideas for 5 Year Old Boys

If you have a five year old boy at home, you may wonder what you should buy him for Christmas. 

Check out this list of some of the best 5 year old boy gifts that will surely put a smile on any young boy’s face. 

These gifts are fun, entertaining, and affordable. 

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Rock painting is a fun way to get creative while spending time indoors. It’s the perfect project to do with your little one on a cold or rainy day when you don’t want to go outside.

1. Rock Painting Set

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If your five-year-old likes watching Disney shows and movies, you can expect him to enjoy opening a box full of Disney’s Doorables. You can get him excited about collecting as many of them as possible and playing with them around the house.

2. Disney’s Doorables

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Be sure to choose the LEGO sets that are ideal for children over the age of four because there are several options.  Even so, you can easily find options that are great for younger children.

3. LEGO Set

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It’s a great piece of equipment to have when the weather is nice and your little one wants to go out and play. He can ride the scooter up and down the block, over to the park, and even on any trails, you might visit. It is an excellent 5-year-old boy gift.

4. Kid-Friendly Scooter

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No matter what you choose to buy, wrap, and hand over as a gift, you can expect to leave a good impression and make the little boy in your life as happy as can be.

These are the best 5 year old boy gifts I have been able to find.