Charcuterie Christmas Wreath

Filled with delicious small bites of cheese and meat, this Charcuterie Christmas Wreath will be the star of any holiday party. 


- Spinach - Cherry Tomatoes - Feta Cheese Square - Vegetable Skewers

Step-by-step instructions!

Follow our easy instructions for success!

Start building the base of your Christmas wreath charcuterie board. Therefore, you will use the rosemary to form a circle along the perimeter of your dish.


Take five cherry tomatoes and empty them. Then, fix feta cheese square pieces inside the cherry tomatoes.


Add the cherry tomatoes, the filled cherry tomatoes, and square pieces of the same size feta cheese homogeneously distributed over the rosemary circle.


Place the macadamia nuts and the pickled vegetable skewers filling the gaps between the other ingredients.


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