Bourbon Cookies 21+ Content

Need a delicious cookie recipe for your holiday cookie platter? Look no further! Note: This story is for 21+

Add in these Kentucky Butter Cake Cookies, and you have yourself a party!

When you serve these cake mix cookies with their bourbon glaze, the conversation will quickly turn to how amazing your cookies are!  

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The state of Kentucky is known for its bourbon, and because of their hard water there, the conditions for distilling are at its best.

What is Special About Kentucky Bourbon?

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You’ll only need a box of cake mix, eggs, butter, sugar and your favorite bourbon to whip up a batch of these adult boozy cookies.

How to Make Kentucky Butter Cake Cookies?

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No, these are not child friendly due to the alcohol added to the rich, boozy glaze.   To make these kid-friendly simply leave out the alcohol.                       

Are Bourbon Cookies Safe for Kids?

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 You could mix it up with different alcohol, such as flavored vodka, cinnamon Schnapps, or even brandy.

Can I Use Something Other Than Bourbon?

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