Best Uses for Lysol

Lysol is great for cleaning your home and now comes in a wide array of great scents that can leave your home smelling fresh.

When it comes to keeping your home clean, Lysol is a great option for both everyday cleaning and killing germs around your house to help keep you healthy.

Many people do not realize how handy the bottles of Lysol are for more than just washing your floors.

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Because of how good Lysol is at killing germs, it is a great option for helping to remove odors from your bathroom.

Remove Odors from Your Bathroom

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Lysol is safe to use on most fabrics. Properly dilute your Lysol cleaner and place it into a spray bottle.

Sanitize and Deodorize Fabric

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Lysol is a great option to use as a disinfectant for cleaning your kitchen including areas where foodborne germs may spread like your counters and stove top.

Counters and Stovetop


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