Best Homeschooling Resources for Kindergarten

If you’ve decided that you’d like to homeschool your child entering kindergarten for the first time, finding the right resources is a must.

The goal is to use these resources to your advantage while providing your child with valuable lessons throughout the year. 

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Check out some of these incredible homeschooling kindergarten materials that can make a difference in your at-home classroom!

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ABCMouse is an incredible resource for kindergarteners. The company offers a kindergarten curriculum that goes over several subjects while keeping children engaged and excited about learning.

1. ABCMouse

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Make your job of teaching your child at home a bit easier with the Calvert Kindergarten Complete Set.

2. Calvert Kindergarten Complete Set

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3. Time4Learning Online Kindergarten Curriculum

If you’d like to take a more modern approach to teaching by having your child use a tablet or laptop to complete their workload, the Time4Learning Online Kindergarten Curriculum is an excellent choice.

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4. Give a Try 

This is a great homeschooling kindergarten resource that anyone can try! You can even become a teacher with Outschool to earn some extra money on the side.