Best Homeschooling Resources for Kindergarten

If you’ve decided that you’d like to homeschool your child entering kindergarten for the first time, finding the right resources is a must.

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In addition to a curriculum, there are other homeschool supplies that you’ll need to purchase for your kindergarten classroom. 

Kindergarten Homeschool Supplies

1. ABCMouse

You’ve probably noticed it advertised on television at some point, but ABCMouse is an incredible resource for kindergarteners. 

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2. Calvert Kindergarten Complete Set

Make your job of teaching your child at home a bit easier with the Calvert Kindergarten Complete Set. 

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3. Time4Learning Online Kindergarten Curriculum

Engaging online curriculum benefits children of all ages, including those starting kindergarten. 

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Choosing the Right Resources 

The goal is to choose a curriculum that teaches valuable information while keeping young children engaged in what they’re learning.