Best Ever Dr. Pepper Cake

Looking for an extremely easy, quick to make cake that will please the entire crowd? Check out this Dr. Pepper Cake that is sure to make you the talk of the party!

My kid’s love dessert, I mean, what kid doesn’t? I made this Dr. Pepper cake for a family gathering and they could not get enough of this delicious treat!


For the cake: – Dr. pepper Soda – Vegetable or canola oil – Salted butter

For the icing: – Butter – Unswettened coccoa – Cup spicy, fruitty cola soft drink 

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This Dr. Pepper cake has an ooey gooey texture with a moist and chocolatey flavor. The spicy cherry flavor of the Dr. Pepper gives it tons of moisture with creamy frosting layered over the top.

What Does Dr. Pepper Cake Taste Like?

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Step 1

How to Make Dr. Pepper Cake

Preheat oven and add ingredients into saucepan.

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Place over medium heat and bring to simmer.

Step 2


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